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About Us

Big Events, Inc. began life as a rental and parade balloon company about ten years ago.
We built our reputation on service and taking responsibility for each job…a principal of the
company was always there for each parade or set-up and that quality assurance continues to
this day.

That quality starts with our designers and manufacturing materials and continues on with the
professionalism of our set-up crews.

We appreciate each wonderful client that has helped make us a commercial success. And our philosophy is simple: to provide our clients with the very finest balloons and cold-air
inflatables available.
Hands-on personal service, and attractive prices to complete the deal.

Corporate Office:
Big Events, Inc.
1613 Ord Way
Oceanside, CA 92056

Phone: 760.477.2655
Fax: 760.477.2656

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Advertising Balloons
Giant Advertising Balloon
Giant Advertising Balloon
Giant Advertising Balloon
Giant Advertising Balloons, Custom Made 7' - 21' foot Balloons
Special Events
Statue of Liberty Giant Balloon
American Flag Giant Balloon
30' Statue of Liberty - Cold-Air
30' American Flag Helium Balloon
Giant Sale Advertising Balloon Easter Bunny
Giant Advertising Balloons Rental
Giant Advertising Balloons . Helium Spheres Rentals

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