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Giant Balloons

Big Events Inc specializing in giant advertising balloons, helium parade balloons and cold air inflatables.

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Giant Advertising Balloon Giant Advertising Balloon


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Big Events Inc has been proving large custom balloons for corporate events, commercials and holiday parades.

View videos and pictures of these large balloon events all over the world:

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Advertising Balloons

Big Events Inc manufactures custom made advertising balloons for your business. You can get a helium balloon high in the air with your logo and text, or Big Events Inc can make a giant balloon in (almost) any shape from 8' till 60' large.

Small and medium size helium advertising balloons:

Gian/ Extra Large custom made advertising balloons:



FOR RENTALS – Choose from our huge inventory of helium parade balloons and cold-air balloons, including many popular licensed characters and advertising balloons.

CUSTOM DESIGNS – Show us your plans for your advertising balloons, we will respond with a detailed quote. One balloon or several hundred, our attention to detail and quality are the highest in the industry.  No job too small or too large and at very competitive prices.
Giant Custom Balloons
Custom Made 7' - 60' Balloons
Custom Balloons
Custom Balloons
Inflatable Balloons, Advertising Balloons, Giant Helium Balloons. Large advertising balloons in the industry.
Giant Inflatable Rentals, Cold Air Inflatable Rentals, Cold Air Balloons: Animals, Christmas, Patriotic.
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Advertising Balloons/ Helium Spheres
Giant Advertising Balloon
Giant Advertising Balloon
Giant Advertising Balloon
Advertising Balloons
Custom Made 7' - 60' Balloons
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Christmas Balloon
American Flag Giant Balloon
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Giant Sale Advertising Balloon Easter Bunny
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